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STEP1, spectrum processing and peak picking:

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TOCSY spectrum file
(Notice: spectra files can be nmrpipe (.ft2), sparky (.ucsf), Topspin ASCII format (.txt)) or Mnova .csv format. The server use file extension to distinguish file format!
Optional AMS TOCSY peak file

STEP2, referencing
Automatic by pattern matchings
DSS Alanine Leucine Glucose Lactic Acid
When doing auto-referencing, matching at least
out of known peaks.
1st: 2nd:

STEP3, database query and match:
1H chemical shift cutoff (ppm): , Matching ratio cutoff  
Clique based matching only options:
Peak alightment match cutoff(ppm):
Symmetric_cutoff Peak match cutoff(ppm):

Direct matching max clique matching
data for database query and display.

Start over
peak picking, referencing and database query
Load previous session:
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(Type "example" into session id box to load in model mixture example.)
TOCSY Lowest contour level: = 0

Control: Brush an area to Zoom in, or remove peaks within this area. , ,

Peak list:

Show detail of one matched spin-system:
  • Zoom scale:
  • plot size:
  • Contour color: Gray Colorful.
  • Draw expected cross peaks from database experimental hybrid peaks or does not draw.
Data base peak Matched experimental peak Maximal clique
TOCSY Lowest contour level: = 0

Save peak and compound information to local file
Using Space or Comma as delimiter.

List of compounds in our database


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