COLMARm 13C-1H HSQC, HSQC-TOCSY and TOCSY Query and Verification

STEP1, spectrum processing and peak picking:

Your name and institute*
Required HSQC spectrum file
Optional TOCSY spectrum file
Optional HSQC-TOCSY spectrum file
(Notice: spectra files can be nmrpipe (.ft2) or sparky (.ucsf) formats)

STEP2, referencing
Automatic by pattern matchings
DSS Alanine Leucine Glucose Lactic Acid
When doing auto-referencing, matching at least
out of known peaks.
1H: 13C:

STEP3, database query and match:
1H chemical shift cutoff (ppm): 13C chemical shift cutoff (ppm): ,  Matching ratio cutoff  

data for database query and display.

Start over
peak picking, referencing and database query
Load previous session:
You previous session id

(Type "example" into session id box to load in model mixture example.)

HSQC Lowest contour level: = 0

Control: Brush an area to Zoom in, or remove peaks within this area. , ,

Peak list:

Show detail of one matched spin-system:
  • Zoom scale:
  • plot size:
  • Contour color: Gray Colorful.
  • Draw expected cross peaks from database experimental hybrid peaks or does not draw.
Data base peak Matched experimental peak Expected cross peaks
HSQC Lowest contour level: = 0

TOCSY Lowest contour level: = 0

HSQC-TOCSY Lowest contour level: = 0

Save peak and compound information to local file
Using Space or Comma as delimiter.

List of compounds in our database

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